Say goodbye to your reading glasses and hello to PRESBYOND

This revolutionary new procedure can help those between 40-60 see clearly without glasses or contacts

Say goodbye to your reading glasses and hello to PRESBYOND

This revolutionary new procedure can help those between 40-60 see clearly without glasses or contacts

Enjoy life without worrying about your vision

A great solution if you are suffering from age-related near vision loss

PRESBYOND or laser blended vision is a laser treatment typically performed in patients over 40 years of age. At a younger age, it is better to choose Smile for nearsightedness or FemtoLASIK for nearsightedness or farsightedness. The conditions for undergoing a PRESBYOND treatment are, outside the age, just the same as for FemtoLASIK and / or SMILE. The refraction should be stable, the cornea should be strong, and the pupil should not grow too large at night. Other conditions are discussed during the thorough preliminary investigation.

To explain 'Presbyond' we must first explain what 'monovision' is.

With monovision, we try to have a good visual acuity with the 'dominant' eye for far, while we want to have a crisp vision for the other eye for close up. Unfortunately, the difference between the two eyes is often difficult to bear, and the vision in between is somewhat blurred. 'Presbyond' is a variant of 'monovision'. By adding extra 'spherical aberration' on the cornea, we will improve the depth of field of each eye. This makes the difference between the two eyes easier to tolerate, and the intermediate vision is less blurred. So: 2 birds with 1 stone!

The great advantage of PRESBYOND treatment lies in the fact that in patients over the age of 45, we can improve their vision in the distance without compromising their good near vision. That is, these patients can often continue to see well without glasses, both far and near. While patients of the same age, who were born with perfect eyes, at that moment would already need reading glasses. A very big advantage!

  • The extremely rare risks of PRESBYOND treatment are just the same as those that can occur with FemtoLASIK. And are these maior risks? Obviously not. We like to compare it to a car ride - if you want to take a drive to the sea, can you tell in advance whether you will reach your destination safely? No, because you still have to do the drive. But a driver who is very experienced, who is careful and follows all the rules, and who drives a very good car, can say with a probability bordering on certainty that he will reach his destination safely. So it is with a PRESBYOND treatment.
  • Extra to PRESBYOND, though, is that we create a difference between the two eyes. During the preliminary examination, we normally check carefully whether you as a patient can tolerate this. But after the procedure, it can sometimes take several days to weeks for your brain to get used to this new situation.
  • PRESBYOND's alternatives are all the possible alternatives that exist in refractive surgery, such as femtolasik, smile and lasek. In the age group of patients older than 45 years, we would have to use monovision, with the disadvantage that the difference between the two eyes would be a little more difficult to tolerate, that the intermediate vision might remain somewhat blurred, and that the possibilities for reading without glasses would be more limited compared to a presbyond treatment.
  • You can also opt for ICL surgery or lens replacement surgery, for example with multifocal implant lenses, although we prefer to withhold the latter technique for our farsighted patients.
  • A PRESBYOND laser treatment typically proceeds just like a femtoLASIK treatment, except that you will first have undergone an examination with our "Wasca" device. This device measures the spherical aberration of the whole eye, and it is because we can change this value that we can adjust the depth perception of each eye.
  • The treatment itself is short and completely painless: after anaesthetic drops in the eye and a sedative pill, you are escorted to the laser room where first a small flap is cut. After this flap is lifted, a layer of the cornea is lasered away with the excimer laser. After the corneal flap is placed back, you may leave the laser room and go home. After about three hours your vision begins to recover well, and in the evening you can watch television without glasses!
The results to date are very good: no re-treatments have had to be performed at this time. Until now, this treatment was mostly performed in farsighted patients.

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